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3DSLL/3DS dedicated R4 Flash Card of the topic "GATEWAY 3DS" is currently upcoming releases GATEWAY 3DS of Nin who \ you have arrived by (^ o ^) / I think other than usage, and it is necessary to supplement explain various things

Note that you will need a 3DS firmware version 4.1 to 4.5 for the Gateway3DS card to work.
For testing I had to borrow USA version 3DS from a friend (4.5.0-10U)

Last time, I introduced the other how to use the GATEWAY 3DS
Reference article: (I started from zero) GATEWAY 3DS default and how to use ultra-detailed description

"Direct" I want to write about "GATEWAY 3DS built quality" and "usage notes" this time.

Well, I go back down to business.

First, the attempt to disassemble R4 Flash Card are two GATEWAY 3DS as "Blue Card" and "Red card"

Here you have a picture of the two legendary GATEWAY 3DS cards.


Blue card decomposition - From the perspective of the structure of the PCB boat, (as the official description) can be determined and DS R4 Flash Card normal


Following Red card

Compared with the structure of the PCB of the blue card, different full



Decomposition's up here

Now, to explain the use Notes

As previous statement, you can use the U.S. version 3DS, system version 4.5.0-10U. GATEWAY 3DS have studied still correspondence ,6.1.0-12 is only able to support 3DS of 4.1 to 4.5 system for a while.


When you refer to a blue card, icon of "Deep Labyrinth" appears .


"Installing GW_INSTALL.nds"

In fact if you already have an NDS flash kit the Blue card is not necessary, because any R4 Flash Card makes it possible to installation "GW_INSTALL.nds" hack to enable Gateway MODE on 3DS.


"Gateway Mode" start

In fact, it introduced a self-made system using a bug in 4.1 to 4.5 3DS system
Before using the GATEWAY 3DS each time, you need to do the initial configuration once

Default: STEP1. "GW_INSTALL.nds" installation
STEP2. "Gateway Mode" start


When you enter the "Gateway Mode", and by inserting a Red card


Came out! 3DS ROM is written to the MSD card



When you start the Red card, the remaining history is what? By the three software starts, the icons for 3DS software is left

It is the SD card of the 3DS automatically, backup save data save data can be derived easily


Introduction of Nin who's up here

Next time, I'd love to test the compatibility of the save editor and GATEWAY 3DS

GATEWAY 3DS's can be recognized the same as the 3DS cartridge for ordinary save editor?

I next time, Ja


Today the Internet was the announcement of a full flash cartridge for 3DS. The card called Gateway 3DS at the request of its creators able to run "almost all" commercial ROMs for the 3DS, and it will work both on the 3DS, and the 3DS XL. Remains unclear which version of the firmware console cartridge will work, and how its creators are going to solve the problem of mandatory updates itself 3DS. Moreover, specialized forums have the view that the Gateway 3DS is an emulator of the original game cards, and thus will not be able to offer some of the important functions of "range" for the DS, namely the launch Homebrew, ability to carry a few rums at the same time, bypassing the Region Lock etc. The creators of flash cart have not yet confirmed nor denied this guess. Remain a mystery and timing of accessory on the market, although our Maxconsoles user familiar with the development team, confirmed the reality and full-featured cartridge, and made ​​it clear that the sale must occur "within a couple of weeks."


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